Recent Before & After Photos

Water damage pre & post demo

When water damages occur, it's important to act quickly, but that's not always the case.  Some people go out of town on vacation for a week and come home t... READ MORE

Storms can be tricky!

Most damage to a property during severe weather occurs when limbs or trees fall. High winds and saturated soil conditions typical of summer storms can cause tre... READ MORE

Porch transformed into outdoor living space!

When you own a home on the lake, it's customary to have a porch, but this homeowner decided it was time to have a proper outdoor living space.  This additi... READ MORE

Interior transformation

When choosing to remodel your home, the process can be a tricky one - there are tons of decisions that must be made and communication is key!  If done prop... READ MORE

Lake House receives total makeover!

Lake Sinclair house received the best makeover imaginable.  The original property started with approximately 1,270 square feet and the homeowners added an ... READ MORE

Stain fighting CHAMPIONS!

Asking someone to walk with a bowl of cereal across the room and not spill ANY milk is about as likely as it raining $1 bills.  Over time, the residue buil... READ MORE

Dingy Carpet Nightmare!

People often ask us to give them a guarantee - will my carpets look brand new again?  Thanks to an industry-tested and approved product line paired with sk... READ MORE

Another Example of Poor Ventilation Leading to Mold Growth

Everyone loves water right?  It's good for your health, refreshes you when you're hot and quenches your thirst day and night. Water can be sneaky too ... READ MORE

How Mold Manifests in Poorly Ventilated spaces

This is a prime example of how mold can manifest in a space where there has been exposure to water yet it lacks proper air circulation.  Most often times, ... READ MORE

Church Fellowship Hall Floods

Thanks to ONE cantankerous sprinkler head, this 12,000 sq ft church facility flooded and flooded quickly!   Food (and liquid - see the pun?) for thoug... READ MORE