Recent Before & After Photos

No Stain Too Tough!

People often wait until the their carpet is super soiled and this local church fellowship hall has seen quite a number of gatherings, leaving behind quite a mes... READ MORE

Courthouse gets a 1st rate makeover!

Local Baldwin County Courthouse experienced quite a catastrophe when a 3rd floor supply line for the break room refrigerator burst over the weekend.  Thank... READ MORE

Restaurant kitchens are funky!

No one wants to spend their day on hands and knees scraping grout with a flat head screw driver, but sometimes you have to get down and dirty to really make a d... READ MORE

Red Mud Strikes Again!

Living in middle Georgia has it's own woes from high heat and humidity, to red bugs and red mud. Most are easy to deal with, but one leaves a nasty stain.It nev... READ MORE

Red Mud Disaster!

Never fear!  A combination of our unique products and skilled professionals, and there's no mess we can't overcome.  This staircase was caked in Georg... READ MORE

Berber carpet gets the full treatment

This customer was very leery about getting her carpet cleaned and wasn't sure if it was the best decision.  SERVPRO reassured her not only was it money wel... READ MORE

New life breathed into this club chair!

This 15 year old Club Chair has had better days, and although it may appear to be maintaining, dirt and oil seeps into fabric, breaking it down little by little... READ MORE

Local Church floods from baptistery

Local Milledgeville church found a mess on Monday morning following an Easter Service.  The shut off valve for the baptistery malfunctioned and ran all nig... READ MORE

Restaurant gets carpet overhaul!

Often times, we disregard the floor and tend to look after the things we physically touch or handle. This super distressed carpet is a constant high traffic are... READ MORE

Exterior damage to home

Even a small fire can spread smoke to every room of your home. Smoke particles get into your air ducts and HVAC system and can cause lung irritation and other p... READ MORE