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Stain fighting CHAMPIONS!

Asking someone to walk with a bowl of cereal across the room and not spill ANY milk is about as likely as it raining $1 bills.  Over time, the residue buil... READ MORE

Dingy Carpet Nightmare!

People often ask us to give them a guarantee - will my carpets look brand new again?  Thanks to an industry-tested and approved product line paired with sk... READ MORE

Another Example of Poor Ventilation Leading to Mold Growth

Everyone loves water right?  It's good for your health, refreshes you when you're hot and quenches your thirst day and night. Water can be sneaky too ... READ MORE

How Mold Manifests in Poorly Ventilated spaces

This is a prime example of how mold can manifest in a space where there has been exposure to water yet it lacks proper air circulation.  Most often times, ... READ MORE

Church Fellowship Hall Floods

Thanks to ONE cantankerous sprinkler head, this 12,000 sq ft church facility flooded and flooded quickly!   The average commercial sprinkler head rele... READ MORE

Fire engulfs local home!

Fire authorities are often called to the scene, but rarely are they this bad.  This family incurred a major loss, but thanks to the professionals at SERVPR... READ MORE

Flooded bathroom

Something as small and simple as a toilet water supply line can cause a massive damage in a bathroom.  This customer had no idea it was busted for days, as... READ MORE

Disaster in Child's Bedroom

The fire wreaked havoc on this child's bedroom, but the professionals at SERVPRO of Baldwin, Putnam and Jones Counties were able to put every thing back even be... READ MORE

Daycare suffers from a faulty toilet line!

Local daycare was forced to shut down due to a leaky toilet line that ran all weekend long.  The professionals at SERVPRO of Baldwin, Putnam and Jones Coun... READ MORE

No Stain Too Tough!

People often wait until the their carpet is super soiled and this local church fellowship hall has seen quite a number of gatherings, leaving behind quite a mes... READ MORE